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You Are Never Alone

Engels | 18-08-2020 |



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Product Description:
When life feels depleted, does God care? I'm facing an onslaught of challenges, will God help? When life grows dark and stormy, does God notice? I'm facing the fear of death, will God help me? The answer in the life-giving miracles in the Gospel of John is a resounding yes. 

In You Are Never Alone, Max will help you:
Realize that Jesus is walking with you and lifting you out of your storms.
Dwell in the grace of the cross, the miracle of the empty tomb, and the assurance of restoration power.
Believe that God is your ever-present source of help.
Recognize that you are never without hope or strength because you are never, ever, alone.
Today, take courage that you are stronger than you think because God is nearer than you know. 

Author Bio:Max Lucado
Since entering the ministry in 1978, Max Lucado has served churches in Miami, Florida; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and San Antonio, Texas. He currently serves as Teaching Minister of Oak Hills Church in San Antonio. He is America's bestselling inspirational author with more than 140 million products in print. 

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